Monday, August 25, 2014

Tips To Teach Kids Math Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are always a challenging task for many kids. Children need to take their parents and Math Tutor Online Free help to learn problem solving skills. The main key to become a good problem solver is you need to learn the different methods and planning which are easy to follow. Children can easily solve number and equation problem. The difficulty is when the same problem is written in a sentence or paragraphs. If your children have the same difficulty with math problem solving, follow below given amazing tips.

1) Introduce new Technique of problem solving:
Children love to learn new and interesting things. Introduce new techniques of problem solving. The Internet is the best source of learning. You can find help for particular subjects in the internet. For example, calculus help, geometry help by digital 3D graph and so on.

2) Help them to learn basics:Mastering the basics of the math is the first step to learn problem solving. Help your children to learn basics.

3) Practice:
Practice is the only way to improve math solving skills. Allow your children to do the practice of math basics not only during study time even in daily life activities also.

4) Key words of math:
Many students can solve the numeric and equations based math problems, but when it comes to the word problem they face difficulty. Learn the word key of math like sum, difference, add, area, product and so on.

5) Understanding of concepts:
Make sure your children understand the mathematics concepts instead of memorizing. Otherwise, math will become a mental exercise.

6) Teach math tricks:
Sometimes the reason for low math performance can be a lack of tricks or slow speed. The math tricks and math practice help you to master the math problem solving.

7) Part of problem:
Learn to solve a single problem in parts, which is the simplest form of solving any math problem.

8) Cross check method:
Cross check method is one of the best methods of self-test. Teach your children some techniques, which allow them to cross check the problem with their own.
Follow these amazing tips and help your children to master the problem solving skills.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teaching Kids Why Math Matters?

Day in and day out, math teachers hear the same question: “Why do I need to learn this?” Math teacher Peter Caryotakis has two answers for his students. “Because someday your children will ask you for help with their homework,” is his funny (but accurate) reply.  He follows up with a more serious answer: “Because knowing math will keep as many doors as possible open in your future.”
Math teachers all over the country have their favorite answers to this timeless question, reasons that demonstrate why math matters. In a nutshell, these reasons can be summed up by three words: Personal, Practical, and Patriotic.
Personal Reasons to Learn Math:
A person's success in life depends on how well she can solve problems. No matter what her career or life situation, she’ll find satisfaction and reward by knowing how to tackle challenges head on. And while kids can’t possibly practice every problem they’ll ever have in life, there is a class in school that can help them learn how to think logically: math. Doing a math problem helps practice the problem-solving steps that apply to everyday situations: define the problem, think of ways to solve it, implement a solution, and evaluate the results.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

10 Creative Ways to Complete Math Homework

Math homework can be a hectic task for many students and children. For many parents and Online Math Tutors, math is the subject which arouses feelings of anxiety, perhaps conjuring up memories of timed tests, math concepts. This attitude can undermine your ability to teach your children. If your child is facing problems by the math homework monster, here are some creative tips to get that homework done.

1) Write down all the assignments:

Ask your children to write down all the assignments he/she have to do, from longest to shortest order. Start working on the longest assignments first, then move on to the shortest one. This will help them to complete all the assignments on time.

2) Read homework carefully: 

Read over all the assignments and make sure your child understand all the instructions given in the assignment. Suggest them to concentrate on one problem at a time.

3) Turn homework into playing activities: 

Try to turn assignments problems into some creative activities. For examples if the homework is related to number system find objects in your home and turn them into a counting game. In this way your children will defiantly enjoy their homework.

4) Make use of internet: 

The internet is the best resource which helps students to complete their homework fast and in a creative way. Many Math Homework Help are available online where students can get homework help at any time.

5) Use reward method: 

Reward method is the best method to engage child especially in math homework because most of the students hate math.

6) Do homework neatly: 

Doing math homework neatly has many benefits. Like you can quickly find out the mistakes and resolve it. Another benefit is that, neat homework can be reviewed at any time without any difficulty.

Follow these 6 tips to complete your math homework and get 100% success.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Algebraic Topology

Differential forms in algebraic topology: - The mathematical study of shapes and also the areas is named the topology. The properties such as connectedness, continuity and boundary are related to the topology. Algebraic topology tries to live degrees of property exploitation algebraic constructs like similarity and homotopy groups. Topology developed as a field of study out of geometry and set theory, through analysis of such ideas as house, dimension, and transformation.

Differential form in algebraic topology is that the field managing differentiable functions on differentiable manifolds. It’s closely associated with differential geometry and along they create up the geometric theory of differentiable manifolds. Differential Forms in algebraically Topology makes an endeavor to clarify the many attention-grabbing and necessary connections between differential forms and algebraically topology.

Algebraic Equation : -
An equation could be a statement that 2 pure mathematics expressions are equal. The elements of an equation separated by the sign of equality are known as members or sides of the equation, and are distinguished because the right facet and therefore the left facet.  If the 2 expressions are continually equal, for any values we have a tendency to provide to the symbols, the equation is named a regular equation, are concisely an identity. So the equation is higher than an identity, as well seen by grouping the terms on the left facet. If 2 expressions are solely equal for a selected price or valves of the symbols, the equation is named an equation of condition, or additional typically an equation. This, then is an equation is that the unremarkable sense of the term, and therefore the valve three is alleged to satisfy the equation. The method of finding its valve is named resolution the equation.

The worth is named root of the equation. To unravel an issue algebraically we have a tendency to initial build an equation on the idea of the conditions of the given question. For this we've got to use one variable or additional variables. Therefore solve a given question, by 3 steps. Build an assumption employing a variable x. Construct an equation in terms of x by reading the question rigorously. Solve the equation. The Process of finding an easy Equation resolution of an easy equation depends solely on the subsequent axioms.

If to equal we have a tendency to add equals the sums square measure equal. If from equals we have a tendency to take equals the remainders square measure equal. If equals square measure increased by equals the merchandise square measure equal. If equals square measure divided by equals the quotients square measure equal.

Example: - to unravel the equation eight x = thirty two dividing each side by eight we have a tendency to get x = four.

Example: - To solve the equation 3x/4 = -3 multiplying by four each side we have a tendency to get 3x = - 12, dividing by three each side we have a tendency to get x = -4. Represent the unknown amount by an emblem x, and specific in symbolical language the conditions of the equation, we have a tendency to therefore get an easy equation.

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Why Is Math Important For Our Students?

Today's students must master advanced skills in mathematics, science, and technology to stay on track for college and for promising careers. Mathematics teaches ways of thinking that are essential to work and civic life.
  • Students who take algebra and geometry go on to college at much higher rates than those who do not (83% vs. 36%).
  • Most four-year colleges require three to four years each of high school math and science for admission.
  • Almost 90% of all new jobs require math skills beyond the high school level.
  • Entry-level automobile workers must use advanced mathematics formulas to wire a car's electrical circuits.
  • Strong math skills are needed for understanding graphs, charts, and opinion polls in a newspaper, for calculating house and car payments, and for choosing a long-distance telephone service.

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