Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick Steps To Understand Circle Properties

A circle is a two dimensional figure. In this figure all points are on the same distance from centre. The distance from centre to edge is called the radius of the circle. Diameter is the distance between two sides of the circle that goes through the centre.  Circle is one of the important figure of geometry. Circle has many simple properties which help us in many manner. Many geometry helper starts with circle, according to these mathematician circle is a very easy topic which can be understand in quick steps. Some quick steps are given below, which helps you to understand the circle.

Centre of the circle is the point inside the circle, all other points of the circle are on same distance from the centre.

The distance from centre to any point on the circle is called the radius of the circle. It is half of the diameter.

Diameter is the distance between two sides of the circle that goes through the centre. It is double of the radius.

All round distance of the circle is called circumference.

It is the region which is enclosed by the circle. Area of the circle is also called surface area of the circle.

Chord is a line which link any two pints on circle.

Tangent of a circle is a line that touches the circle exactly at one point.

Secant of a circle is a line that intersect the circle at two points.

These are the basic properties of the circle. To learn more about circle click here 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Quick Steps To Understand Algebra Expression

Algebra is known as another language of mathematics. It is the simplest language in mathematics, which is mostly used in real world situations. Almost all math tutors startup tutoring with algebra as it is a simplest form of mathematics. Algebra expressions are very important to understand.


An algebra expression includes variables, constants and mathematical operations (plus, mines, etc). Algebra expressions are one or more algebraic terms in a phrase.

Below you can find 5 quick and easy ways to understand the algebra expressions.   

Step 1:

To understand an algebraic expression first understands the concepts of variable and constant. These two concepts are the base of the all algebra expressions.

“Letters like x, y, z and a, b, c represent variables in algebra expressions”.

“The terms in algebraic expression that contain only numbers are called constant”

Step 2:

Next important step is, understand the concept of co-efficient and number system. “The coefficients are the number of term with variables”.

For example: 2x^2+2y+7xy+6

Here the coefficient of the first term, second and third term are 2,2 and 7 respectably

Step 3:

An algebra expression can be in the form of words. Understand the translating word into algebra expressions. For examples plus sign (+) can we written in many word form like “the sum of, times, etc”. Learn algebra mathematics vocabulary before you start understanding algebra expressions.

Step 4:

Use P.E.M.D.A.S (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction) method to solve algebraic expressions.  

Step 5:

Combine all like terms “Like terms are those terms which contain the same powers of same variables. They can have different coefficients” and solve the expression.  

Follow these simple steps to understand the algebra expressions. To know more about it click here.   

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Easy Steps To Understand Angles

The angle is one of the most important parts of mathematics. The angles are founded by kingdoms in Mercia. It plays an essential part in geometry. The concepts of geometry helps us to understand angles quickly.


An angle is a geometric figure that has two arms and a common vertex.

There are quick 5 steps to understand angles in mathematics,

1: Learn types of the angles

The very initial steps to learn angles are understand the types of the angles. The basic angles in geometry are right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, reflex angle, straight angle and so on.

2: Properties of angles

Each type of angle has some unique properties. Understand properties of the each angle. For examples, if the angle measure of any object is exactly 90 degrees, then it is said to be a right angle. An angle less than 90 degrees is called an acute angle.

3: Identify an angle

Learn identifying angles. An angle can be identified in two ways. First just by the vertex second the three points that define the angle followed by the angle symbol.  

4: Angles uses in real life

The most frequently used angles are 90 degrees and 180 degrees. Angles are used in construction, drafting, engineering, surveying, construction, navigation and much more.

5: Construction of angles

After understating the real life uses of angles, learn how to construct an angle. There are many way construct an angle. Practice construction of positive and negative angle.

Follow these five quick ways to understand the concepts of angles in mathematics. To know more about angle take geometry help.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tips For Reinforcing Math Problem Solving Skills

Teaching effective math problem solving strategies is a big part of a math tutor job. Students must have the ability to solve problem with themselves. This helps them to master the math and also help to improve math grades. On top of this parent and teachers support is the bonus for students. Learning  problem solving strategies is necessary to know how to study for a math exam and to get good results. Below you can find some tips for reinforcing math problem solving skill.

1) Mathematics is a subject which kids cannot learn by just reading and listening. The only key to learn math is practice and more practices. Reinforce kids by engaging them in some math practice activities.

2) Make a habit of reading any problem at latest twice. Make students to understand the question and also should understand what they need to find.

3) Allow them to do error, then ask them to correct it. This is the best way to improve math solving skills.

4) Parents should make sure that their kids do not memorize the formulas and the processes. Remember that math is the sequence subject. Memorizing doesn't work with math concepts.

5) You can teach your kids about math skill using real world activities. Math is a subject which we use everywhere in our daily life. Try to explain the daily use of math skills, so that it will be helpful to them when they will approach math.

6) Help your kids make math dictionary according to their interest. Math word problem uses lots of vocabulary with special terminology.

7) Provide them number of resources to improve their skills. Like geometry help online, algebra help and so on.

Hope these tips will help your kids to master the math problem skills.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How To Simplify Math Expression

Are you struggling in math because you are not able to understand the simplification of the equations. Simplification of math expression is the key of mathematics. We require to simplify expression almost in every math lessons. Follow this article, it will give you the simplest way to remember how to simplify the math expression.

Basic math expression:

There are some basic rules to solve arithmetic expression.

Remember PEMDAS means,

• P - Parenthesis • E - Exponents • M - Multiplication • D - Division • A - Addition • S - Subtraction

This is the order in which you should solve any expression or else the answer could be wrong. Easy way to remember PEMDAS is “Please Excuse Me Dear Aunt Sally”.

1) Let the expression is 2+3/2(8-2)+6^2 -2(4-8/4).

2) Start solving expression with in the parenthesis. =>2+3/2*6+6^2 -2(4-2) =>2+3/2*6+6^2 -2*2

3) Move on to the exponents. =>2+3/2*6+36-2*2

4) Solve all the multiplication. =>2+18/2+36-4

5) Solve all the division. =>2+9+36-4

6) Move on to the addition.

7) At last solve subtraction.


8) Now PEMDAS is finish here is your final answer.

9) Get a advice from the expertise to solve your homework at Math Help Hotline 24/7 Free

Algebraic Expression:

1) Understand the most important concept of simplifying algebraic expression. That is like term. Like terms are the veritable with same power. ex. 3x2 and 4x^2 are like terms but 2x^2 and x are not like terms.

2) Let the expression is 2x^2 +5x+7-x^2 -2x-3+4.

3) Solve all like term first.(2x^2 -x^2 = x^2 ) and (5x-2x=3x) =>x^2 +3x+7-3+4

4) Now move on to the constant addition.(7+4=11) =>x^2 +3x+11-3

5) Solve subtraction.(11-3=8) =>x^2 +3x+8

6) Radical expression is also an algebraic expression containing root. Root can be square root, cube root or any other power.

7) Perfect square is the product of any number with itself. Ex. 81 is the product of 9*9. So √81 =√9*9= 9

8) Perfect cube is the product of any number with itself twice Ex. 27 is the product of 3*3*3 So 3 √27 = √3*3*3 =3

9) If you have v45 which is a not perfect square, cube or any other power is called imperfect radical expression. Break down number into its multiples =>√45=√9*5=√3*3*5=3√5

Important Tips:

• Check carefully whether numbers are having a positive or a negative sign.

• Take help from Free Online Math Tutors to simplify the expression. Many websites are available online that simplifies expressions.

• Understand the like terms. 3x^2 and 2x^2 are like term, but 3x^2 and 2x are not like term.

• Practice solving math expression then it will be easy for you.