Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Learn College Algebra in 8 Steps

Are you in college and struggling in algebra? College algebra also called as algebra 2. College algebra covers inequality, logarithm, exponential, polynomials, quadratic, functions. Linear equations, matrix algebra, graph and line, trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, radical equations, etc. There are some steps which will help you to understand the algebra2 in an easy way.

Step 1) Revise Pre algebra concepts:

Revise all the fundamentals of pre algebra concepts. Go through all the concepts as far as necessary to refresh your memory. Most of the college students go forward and later on feel difficulty to understand the algebra2 concepts. You can arrange a self pre algebra test before the college semester starts or can ask live math tutor to facilitate you. 

Step 2) Attend regular classes even optional one:

Attend classes regularly, this will help you to understand topic clearly. Algebra topics are connected to each other if you miss any class, then it may be hard you to infer the next topic. Attend all the optional classes they are very important.

Steps 3) Follow the pattern:

Algebra2 topics are related to each other so it is necessary to follow the pattern. Start with the linear equation then go to the polynomial and quadratic, etc. If you immediately start with the inequality or quadratic equation then it will be hard you to infer. It is necessary to follow the pattern to make algebra2 easy.

Steps 4) Make a proper notes:

Maintain the proper notes this will help you to study for exam. Write down everything which professor explain in the class. Notes will help you to keep track on the topic.

Step 5) Complete assignment:

Assignment and homework are nothing but the practice for the exam. Practice is the key for success Do as much as homework or assignment problem you can do. Recheck your homework this will help you to understand the fundamental of the subject. Ask question on based on the assignment or you can get online college algebra help.

Step 6) Learn algebraic technology tools:

Make use of algebraic tools like scientific calculator and programing. Many other online tools are available, make use of them this will make your work easier and faster.

Step 7) Discus with your professor:

If you do not understand something, then do not hesitate to ask your professor. Ask your professor for extra time.

Step 8) Practice:

Practice as many as problems you can do. Practice makes you perfect. Practice all the example problems.

Important points:

• Make use of scientific calculator.
• Be a master of pre algebra.
• Complete assignment on time.
• Use algebraic tools online.
• Solve sample paper.
• Get a help from tutors on Online Algebra 2 Help.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How To Survive With 6th Grade Math

Are you in 6th grade?  

Are you struggling with 6th grade math? 

Common 6th grade math coverup number system, arithmetic operations, geometry, measurement, functions, pre algebra, data, statistic, mensuration, ratios and proportions, etc. If you have a good command on all this topic then it is easy to survive with 6th grade math. To understand the 6th grade math in a right way follow the below article.

Number system:

Numbers are the basic building stone of the mathematics. Understand all the properties of the numbers and types of numbers. Rational numbers, irrational numbers, real numbers, whole numbers, natural numbers etc.

Arithmetic Operations:

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the basic arithmetic operations. Follow the order of operations PEMDAS to solve problem.


Geometry is all about the shape and their properties. Understand the probability of different shape like cube, square, triangles, circles, etc. To know more about the it get geometry help online. 6Th grade math caved 2D shape.

Pre Algebra:

Pre algebra deal with linear equation, quadratic equation, factorization, simple root and power, etc. these all are basic of the Algebra. Be a master of these basic algebra.


Be a master of basic statistic terms like mean, median, mode, etc. To survive with 6th grade statistic you can take live statistics help.


Analyze the data to justify the conclusions or to make predictions.

Important points to survive 6th grade math:

1.    Attend classes regularly.
2.    Be attentive in the classroom.
3.    Do not hesitate to ask questions from your teacher.
4.    Do your homework every day.
5.    Understand the topic. Do not memorize the things.
6.    Do not give up. Try problem until you get the solution.
7.    Practice as many as problem you can.
8.    Make use of a calculator. This makes math easier.
9.    Take online math help.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Overcome Math Exam Anxiety in 10 Steps

Math exam anxiety is very common in most of the students. Math anxiety develops from childhood. Child's mind use to develop according to their age. When they start learning math problem, apply logic and still get unsuccessful results, then they lead to stress and anxiety. Math anxiety especially develop in exam time because there is the added stress and pressure. Parents and teacher play the most important role to reduce math anxiety in the students. Anxiety can not be reduce with in a day. You need to put enough effort to reduce it. Here are some points to reduce math exam anxiety.

1) Find the root of math anxiety

What is the cause of your anxiety? Some students simply believe that math is not necessary in the real life, which is not true. Some believe that men are better at math than women. Many believe that math is so tough, he/she can not learn it. Some students are afraid of math logic. This all are not so true. Find your anxiety reason and work on it.

2) Do not wait for the last moment

Make a study plan at least 2-3 week before of your exam. Do not wait for the last moment. Create a plan for the your study and work according to schedule.

3) Know the exam material well

If you know the exam material, then you can prepare well for the exam. This is the best way to reduce the math anxiety. If the material well know then you don’t have to take stress and extra work load.

4) Extra help

Analyze which part of math is hard to understand. Ask extra help from your teacher. If you are not getting any help the from your teacher then asks help from free live math tutor.

5) Self doubt

Self doubt is the main reason for anxiety. To solve any math problem you need to be confident. The problem will become more tougher if you have self doubt because you will not confident with your answer. Self doubt work as fuel for anxiety.

6) Time management

Many students are slow in math they need more time to solve a problem. That can be the reason for math anxiety. To reduce the math anxiety learn time management because in the exam you get limited time.

7) Physical Stress

Do not get any kind of mental stress. Many students get sick just before the math test this is a symptom of the anxiety. Many students are forced to sit and solve the math problem which prevent them from putting full efforts in the exam.

8) Take self test

Conduct a self test analysis yourself where you realize mistakes and workout on those errors. When you are struggling with any problem do not waste your time and do not feel lost just move on to the other problem. This will help you to maintain time in exams.

9) Give proper rest to your mind

Just before one day of the exam take a proper sleep, eat healthy food and do not take any kind of stress. If you are prepare well for the exam, then no need to get anxious.

10) During exam

During exam read your exam paper carefully and be positive in yourself. If there is time then, recheck your answer sheet.

Important Tips

• Take test as a homework so that you will not become stressed and pressure.

• Take help from Math Question Help.

• Some tough problem are having natural anxiety which you cannot reduce.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Pass 5th Grade Math Exam

Do you want to pass in 5th grade math? Are you having trouble with 5th grade maths? Commonly 5th grade math coverup basic arithmetic, measurement, geometry, basic algebra, probability, etc. If you are good at all this then it is very easy to pass in the 5th grade math exam.

Follow the list of basic concepts provided below.


• Be a master in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

• Understand the place value in graph. Negative goes left and positive goes right.


• Understand the terms like inches, feet, centimeter,  yard ,meter, kilometer, etc.

• Learn Unit Conversion Like 1 kilometer =1000 meters. 

• Solve measurement problems like circumference, volume, capacity, perimeter,  and area ,etc. Explain the problem and make use of  the rule.

• Learn units like for time we use minute or second.

• Learn basic algebra like to find the missing term in the equation.

• Determine the value of the equation.

• Understand the basic rule of algebra.

• Geometry is all about the shapes and their properties.

• Understand the all 2D shapes and their properties.

• Clarify all types of triangles.

• Learn the coordinate system of the graph.

Just go through the tips for more help.

1: Attentive In The Class:  If you really want to be good in maths and want to pass with good grade, then you need to be attentive in the class room. In order to cross in a class exam initial thing which often you must do is usually give attention in the class room. Make an effort to crystal clear your current subject matter related doubts from your math tutor.

2: Practice: Keep in mind practice makes you perfect. Practice daily at least for 30 min, what your teacher has covered in the class. Divide equal time for each topic. You could also try Online Game And Worksheets for practice.

3: Do Your Homework: Homework is also a part of your practice. Try to finish your homework on a regular basis. Write each step that you've taken so that it will enable you to cross check your problem. If you happen to be stuck among them,then can take Math Question Help from online.

4: Group Study:
Group study is often a nice way to tern your own math into fun as well as games. If you don't want to take a seat and study ,then ask your friends and carry out group study. This will  refresh your brain and you may understand a few tough problems.

5: Take Your Time In Exam: When you give equal time for each question in your exam, then you do less silly mistakes. Read all question at least twice. Try to give your best in exam. Solve effortless problem first then select tough one.

Get more tips on Tutoring 5th Grade Math

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Solve A Math Problem in 7 Steps

A math problem can be solved in many ways. There is a general way to solve any math problem. Do not get bored by seeing math problem. If you approach any problem with the clear mind, then half of  your worried will be over.

Different people follow different method to solve a problem and take different time to finish the problem.

There are some simple and general steps to solve a math problem.

Step 1: Read out the problem carefully twice and get an idea about it. Determine the area of the problem like trigonometry, algebra and calculus, etc. In some problem there are some significant topic in which you should have the particular knowledge about that topic. Write down what is given and what you have to find.

Step 2: Think in a roughly way what is needed to get the solution, whether you have enough knowledge about the  area of your problem and what formula should use, etc. If not then seek for help from your teacher or any math solver. There are many websites or free online math tutor that offers the basic math concept. Collect all important information related to the problem.

Step 3: Start solving your problem. Divide your problem into sub parts. Proceed problem logically by part by part. If needed draw graph, table and figure. Apply your math skills.

Step 4: Write down all the step and calculation. Avoid solving full problem in your mind and come up with the solution directly. Writing down all the steps will help you to cross check your problem. 

Step 5: Once you get the solution cross check all the calculation part and check if you did any writing error or did you miss any step.

Step 6: Check your solution with the answer sheet. Whether your solution is correct or not.

Step 7: If you can not find the exact solution to your problem, don't give up. If you try to solve it once more. Constantly facing the same questions, you will be able to find the right solution and learn how to solve the problem.

Finding difficult to complete your homework problems, not to worry Math Homework Help Tutor Online Free gives you complete solution to your homework problems and assignments.