Monday, October 20, 2014

Tips For Reinforcing Math Problem Solving Skills

Teaching effective math problem solving strategies is a big part of a math tutor job. Students must have the ability to solve problem with themselves. This helps them to master the math and also help to improve math grades. On top of this parent and teachers support is the bonus for students. Learning  problem solving strategies is necessary to know how to study for a math exam and to get good results. Below you can find some tips for reinforcing math problem solving skill.

1) Mathematics is a subject which kids cannot learn by just reading and listening. The only key to learn math is practice and more practices. Reinforce kids by engaging them in some math practice activities.

2) Make a habit of reading any problem at latest twice. Make students to understand the question and also should understand what they need to find.

3) Allow them to do error, then ask them to correct it. This is the best way to improve math solving skills.

4) Parents should make sure that their kids do not memorize the formulas and the processes. Remember that math is the sequence subject. Memorizing doesn't work with math concepts.

5) You can teach your kids about math skill using real world activities. Math is a subject which we use everywhere in our daily life. Try to explain the daily use of math skills, so that it will be helpful to them when they will approach math.

6) Help your kids make math dictionary according to their interest. Math word problem uses lots of vocabulary with special terminology.

7) Provide them number of resources to improve their skills. Like geometry help online, algebra help and so on.

Hope these tips will help your kids to master the math problem skills.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How To Simplify Math Expression

Are you struggling in math because you are not able to understand the simplification of the equations. Simplification of math expression is the key of mathematics. We require to simplify expression almost in every math lessons. Follow this article, it will give you the simplest way to remember how to simplify the math expression.

Basic math expression:

There are some basic rules to solve arithmetic expression.

Remember PEMDAS means,

• P - Parenthesis • E - Exponents • M - Multiplication • D - Division • A - Addition • S - Subtraction

This is the order in which you should solve any expression or else the answer could be wrong. Easy way to remember PEMDAS is “Please Excuse Me Dear Aunt Sally”.

1) Let the expression is 2+3/2(8-2)+6^2 -2(4-8/4).

2) Start solving expression with in the parenthesis. =>2+3/2*6+6^2 -2(4-2) =>2+3/2*6+6^2 -2*2

3) Move on to the exponents. =>2+3/2*6+36-2*2

4) Solve all the multiplication. =>2+18/2+36-4

5) Solve all the division. =>2+9+36-4

6) Move on to the addition.

7) At last solve subtraction.


8) Now PEMDAS is finish here is your final answer.

9) Get a advice from the expertise to solve your homework at Math Help Hotline 24/7 Free

Algebraic Expression:

1) Understand the most important concept of simplifying algebraic expression. That is like term. Like terms are the veritable with same power. ex. 3x2 and 4x^2 are like terms but 2x^2 and x are not like terms.

2) Let the expression is 2x^2 +5x+7-x^2 -2x-3+4.

3) Solve all like term first.(2x^2 -x^2 = x^2 ) and (5x-2x=3x) =>x^2 +3x+7-3+4

4) Now move on to the constant addition.(7+4=11) =>x^2 +3x+11-3

5) Solve subtraction.(11-3=8) =>x^2 +3x+8

6) Radical expression is also an algebraic expression containing root. Root can be square root, cube root or any other power.

7) Perfect square is the product of any number with itself. Ex. 81 is the product of 9*9. So √81 =√9*9= 9

8) Perfect cube is the product of any number with itself twice Ex. 27 is the product of 3*3*3 So 3 √27 = √3*3*3 =3

9) If you have v45 which is a not perfect square, cube or any other power is called imperfect radical expression. Break down number into its multiples =>√45=√9*5=√3*3*5=3√5

Important Tips:

• Check carefully whether numbers are having a positive or a negative sign.

• Take help from Free Online Math Tutors to simplify the expression. Many websites are available online that simplifies expressions.

• Understand the like terms. 3x^2 and 2x^2 are like term, but 3x^2 and 2x are not like term.

• Practice solving math expression then it will be easy for you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Importance Of Trigonometry In Real Life

Trigonometry is an area of mathematics that provides the properties of triangles. The most practical use of trigonometry is to solve triangles and also to find the height of towers, height of mountains and so on. Most of us are unaware, why the trigonometry is so important in everyday life.

Trigonometry Help Online has wide range of real life applications. Here are few examples,

1) Music productions who work in advance and hi-tech music make use of trigonometry law, such as sine and cosine law. Music waves are not regular as sine and cosine waves, but still they are helpful in developing music. While playing any musical instrument we do not realize the use of trigonometry identities. Basically trig identities are the calculation of frequency in music.

2) Architecture cannot be separated from trigonometry. Beautiful curved surfaces with steel, glass, and stone in the building would not be possible without trigonometry. So how does trigonometry works. Architectures measure the slope of the roof and then calculate the structural load, trigonometry identities helps us to determine the accurate size and structure of the building and so on.

3) In the field of aircraft designing and navigation trigonometry has the most important role. Trigonometry used to measure the height of mountains. A question may arise in your mind, why would we need to find the heights of mountains? The reason behind is, this is an important information for aircraft.

4) Several concepts of trigonometry are applied in the field of medical. For example, imaging technology is used to find the CAT and MRI scanning again in detecting tumor and laser treatments doctor make use of sine and cosine functions.

5) Trigonometry is the complement of astronomy. Trigonometry fundamentals allowed astronomy to determine the information about stellar bodies, mass, distance and so on. Trigonometry and Geometry Helper can only deal with the astronomical bodies practically. Because they exist on larger distance than things on earth since we do not have the capability to simply go there.

Trigonometry has many real life applications in the modern world. Without trigonometry, many of modern world field and science would simply not exist.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why Measurement Is Important In Our Daily Life

Measurement is the part of mathematics which so often taken for granted. We do not even realize how important measurement is in our life. Measurement is a part of our everyday life. From home to school and store to office everywhere we use measurement. Let students know how measurement is important. Ask a math tutor to explain more about measurement.

1) Taking medicine:

Usually when we get sick we have to consume medicine. Taking it in the proper amount is very important. We use measurement to get the right amount of medicine. If we take too less or too much of medicine, it is going to effect us. The thermometer measure body temperature.

2) Cooking:

Measurement is used frequently in the kitchen. For cooking any recipe need proper measurements of ingredients. Again baking timing also covered under measurement. Like chicken can bake at 600 degrees in 10 minutes.

3) Sports:

Measurement importance may not reveal while playing, but it is there in a big amount. Like x meter race in y minute, to calculate the score and so on.

4) Purchasing Grocery:

For purchasing any grocery we need to find the price and weight. Counting money and item need measurement. Purchasing clothes also need measurements. The price tag in the stores measure cost/value.

5) Transportation:

While traveling, we use measurement. The speedometer in our car measures distance over time. Again, measurement use to know, how much fuel is needed to reach a certain point. Measurement play a significant role in transportation.


Learn how measurement is a necessary element in the development of any related branch of science and everyday life. Any geometry helper can help you to understand the importance of measurement. There are some importance use of measurement are explained above.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How To Do Basic Derivation Quickly

A derivative function is a calculation of the rate of change of a function. Derivation we use frequently in daily life. Occasionally we use derivation in economics, engineering and so on. We often take calculus help indirectly in daily life jobs. There is some quick way to tackle with different types of derivatives. Below you can find it.

Basic derivatives:

The first basic derivation rule come power rule.

That state D(x^n) = nx^ (n-1)

Power rule used in vary basic function of algebra. If the function is in the form of critical polynomial algebra, then take algebra help to simplify polynomial. Then the apply power rule of derivative.

Chain rule:

Suppose you have a function which cannot be solved by using power rule. Then the chain rule state that,

[f (g(x))]’ = f’ (g(x))*g’(x)

The chain rule helps you to solve the derivative of function compounded inside of one of another.

Product rule:

If you have two polynomials, multiply with each other than we use the product rule to solve it. Product rule state that, [f(x) * g(x)]' = f'(x) * g(x) + f(x) * g'(x)

The product rule is a necessary to use when you need to differentiate a function which is a part of two sub functions that are easy to differentiate.

Quotient rule: 

This comes under very difficult derivations. When the function is given in the form of numerator and denominator, then it is necessary to use quotient rule.

The quotient rule states that,
[f(x)/g(x)]' = [g(x) f'(x)-f(x) g'(x)]/[g(x)]^2

The Quotient rule is a necessary to use when you need to differentiate a function which is a part of f
raction expression in them, but only if you have to.

However, mathematics always looks for the lazy tricks to make equation easier and life simple. Hope you enjoy these quick processes of basic derivation.