Thursday, July 22, 2010

Factoring Trinomials Calculator

The equation or a function is in the structure of ax2+bx+c =0 (where a≠0, b, c are constants ) called as trinomials.We can also refer it as a quadratic function. An algebraic expressions which has 3 terms known as trinomials.The trinomials having highest power 2.The trinomials have the two roots. There are two ways to factor the trinomial according to the co-efficient of x2 . In the following section we are going to learn how to factor the trinomials by using trinomials calculator.Factor Trinomials Calculator Method 1:For factoring the trinomials we must know the below two methods.

Factor trinomial calculator Method 1:

If the coefficient of x2 is one. That is a=1.

x2+bx+c=(x-r1)(x-r2), In this r1 and r2 are the roots of the trinomial equation

(x - r1) and (x - r2) are the factors of the trinomial.In the Blogs to come we can learn about factoring polynomials calculator.Hope you like the above example of Factor Trinomial Calculator.Please leave your comments, if you have any doubts.

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