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Introduction to polygon basics

The polygon is a basically called plane figure and that is surrounded with closed path, collected of a fixed series in straight line segments with a nearer polygonal chain. And these segments are called its edges or sides. Let us discuss  the topic called polygon basics. (Source – Wikipedia)

Types of Polygon Basics

Names of polygons basics with different number of sides:

  • Triangle : Triangle consists of three sides
  • Quadrilateral :Quadrilateral consists of four sides
  • Pentagon: Pentagon consists of five sides
  • Hexagon:Hexagon consists of six sides
  • Octagon:Octagon consist of eight sides.
  • Nanogon : Nonagon consists of nine sides
  • Decagon : Decagon consists of ten sides
  • Heptagon:Heptagon consists of sevensides.
  • Triskaidecagon or Tridecagon : Trikaidecagon or tridecagon consists of  thirteen sides. 

  • Tetrakaidecagon or Tetradecagon : Tetrakaidecagon or tetradecagon consists of fourteen sides.
  • Pendedecagon : Pendedecagon consists of fifteen sides.
  • Hexdecagon: Texdecagon consists of  sixteen sides.
  • Heptdecagon: Heptdecagon seventeen sides.
  • Octdecagon: Octdecagon eighteen sides.
  • Enneadecagon: Enneadecagon consists of nineteen sides
  • Icosagon: Icosagon consists of twenty sides.
  • Triacontagon : Triacontagon consists of thirty sides.
  • Teracontagon: Teracontagon consists of forty sides.
  • Tetracontagon: Tetracontagon consists of fifty sides.
  • Pentacontagon: Tentacontagon consists of sixty sides.

 The triangle is the basic method in polygon and it has three angles. This involves three sides and three vertices.



The octagon

The drawn diagramatic representation are the  basics form in polygon.

Problems Based on Polygon Basics

Example 1 :

Determine the side distance end to end of hexagon is 12 cm. Mention the area of the hexagon.



                        Side distances  (t) = 12 cm


                        Area of the hexagon (A) = t2 2.6

                                                = 122 x 2.6

                                                = 144 x 2.6

                                                = 374.4

Example 2:

The side distances of hexagon is 13cm. Find the area of the hexagon.



                        Side length (t) = 13 cm


                        Area of the hexagon (A) = t2 2.6

                                                = 132 x 2.6

                                                = 169 x 2.6

                                                = 439.4

              Area of the hexagon = 439.4 cm2    

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